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Pacific Home Builders has solid credentials and will help you build your dream home. The following are testimonials, reviews and letters from our satisfied clients. We look forward to working with you on your new home. Feel free to contact us for a full list of referrals.

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Vern and Koni Jeremica
Custom Home in Sunriver, Oregon

This letter is a testimony of the wonderful home building experience my wife and I had with TJ Toney Construction, now branded as Pacific Home Builders.

A detailed and comprehensive contract was drawn up to protect our contractor as well as my wife and I during the building process. There was no doubt as to who was responsible for what. The contract was consistent and was followed to the letter. I have worked with other contractors in my life, but never received a contract that was as comprehensive and protective of both parties.

From the time we excavated for the foundation until we moved in, was about five and a half months. The time to build our home exceeded our expectations, even though we experienced several week-long weather delays that stopped building all-together. It is rare that a high quality custom built home, over 3800 square feet of living area, with a large three car garage, can be built in this short of time. However TJ made it happen. We are thankful and comforted knowing that we were able to move in to our new dream home in a timely manner.

When I look back upon our building experience what first comes to mind is TJ’s honesty and integrity. I often heard him say that he strived to “do it right” and would not settle for anything less because he wanted to sleep at night! A contractor who strives for this goal results in the new home owner being able to sleep at night, knowing that everything in the home was accomplished to meet or exceed all safety standards and code.

Next to honesty and integrity, I hold communication as being an integral part to the success of any building project. TJ has excellent communication skills, which from the customer perspective means, “He listens to his clients.” Communication was open and free through-out our building experience. There wasn’t a day in the process that I didn’t know what was happening and as problems arose, (which happens in every built home), we were able to solve them.

In the last three and a half years, since our home was built, I have received nothing but praise about the workmanship and craftsmanship of our home. I am not interested in competing with the Jones’s, but know that I own a well constructed, fine home, that rivals or exceed anything in the Sunriver/Three Rivers area for quality and comparative price point.

Often contractors over-sell their abilities and what they can provide the customer. Too often, they start strong and finish weak. That was not the case with TJ. TJ and his contracting team were consistent throughout the building process. He was on-site more than any General Contractor that I have used or observed. He started strong and finished strong.

I have kept a relationship with TJ since our construction. TJ is all about trying to do it better. I know that his current team of workers and sub-contractor are superior to the team that was assembled to build my home. So look forward to a well-built home.

No one is perfect, and no-one builds a perfect home. When warranty issues came up, TJ was on-top of the issue and strived to rectify any problem that occurred in our house. My wife and I are grateful for TJ’s follow-up.

The home we live in was and continues to be our “dream home.” My bottom-line regards to this testimony, and the question everyone should ask at the end of a building experience with a contractor, after reading this testimony you might ask, “If we were to build in the area in the future, would we contract Pacific Home Builders to construct another custom home?”

Our answer, without a doubt, “YES!”


Vern and Koni Jeremica

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Quintin King
Custom Home in Bend, Oregon

In 2011 my wife and I began our dream of building a custom home in Bend, Oregon. We purchased a lot in SW Bend just off Brookswood and immediately began our contractor search.

It was apparent right away after meeting TJ Toney that he had a knowledge base well beyond others we had talked to over the years and that is quite a few to say the least.

We had some choices to use “bigger” and “more established” builders in this town but we just knew TJ was the right fit for us.

Part of what led us to that decision is TJ has an engineering degree from OSU and was a project manager for a large construction company out of Portland before he started his company.

He had a nice list of referrals and he was happy to give us their contact information if we wanted to call them personally.

I believe having his degree in a construction related field, his experience in project managing large commercial projects, mixed with his financial transparency, up front and honest nature make him a step above his competition!

With that being said, I fully and without reservation recommend TJ Toney for anyone thinking about building a home in Central Oregon!


Quintin King

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Bruce & Glee Mellor
Custom Home in Chiloquin, Oregon

To borrow a line from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, “We chose wisely” when we selected Toney Construction (now known as Pacific Home Builders) to build our new home for us. From our first meeting, we were very impressed with TJ’s professionalism and attention to detail. TJ was actually working in our best interest even before we formally signed the contract to have his company build our new home.

We found the initial steps clear and easy to understand. The contract was easy to understand so as to eliminate any potential misunderstanding between the contractor and the client. Every detail of the building process was spelled out clearly and concisely.

As construction began, we found that the attention to detail and professionalism carried over to all stages of the building process. TJ provided us with a day by day schedule covering what we could expect to be completed and when. Ours’ is a modest home at just under 2000 square feet, but TJ and his crew treated our project with the same care and attention to detail as if it were a high end custom home.

The Toney Construction crews are conscientious and highly skilled craftsmen. TJ strives to achieve perfection and that attitude that was reflected by his crew as our home took shape. We have nothing but praise to offer to all who helped our new home become a reality.

We took advantage of TJ’s many connections when we selected cabinets and flooring. His recommended suppliers and subcontractors were wonderful to work with and we easily stayed within our budget. Because of his connections in the building industry, we were able to build a much nicer home than we had expected. We are thrilled with quality of construction, as well as the fit and finish of our new home.

Throughout the process, we were continually impressed with the character, honesty and integrity of TJ, his crew and his associates. The company obviously reflects the owner’s strong moral compass and it’s refreshing to see a business owner use the Golden Rule as his guide to business practices. We are very thankful TJ was the leader of our team.

Since our project was completed, we’ve had the opportunity to show our new home to many friends and family members; some of whom are very experienced in construction. All have remarked about the quality of construction and have said what a great contractor we had selected.

We feel very fortunate to own a “Toney home” and we highly recommend you choose Pacific Home Builders as your contracting firm. You will definitely be glad you did!

Bruce & Glee Mellor
Chiloquin, OR

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Home Addition in Bend, Oregon


Thanks for all the hard work on our new home addition. It was great having you run the show and the end product is top notch.

Take care until we talk next,


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Martha Murray
Custom deck in Bend, Oregon


Thanks so much. Your crew was great! Very professional!

You’ve provided a great deck for my new yard.


Martha Murray

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